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Shop Here for Mother’s Day and Change a Life

Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

I have approximately 5 usual suspects in my mother’s day gift giving arsenal.  Typically they revolve around perfume, pedicures, purses, flowers and OF COURSE the sentimental card which mom always says, “Is the only thing she needs.”

Honest Confession? Mother’s Day hasn’t always been a favorite of mine.  When you’ve walked  through infertility,  Mother’s Day can be downright painful, not to mention awkward.  Often times I’ve been in a group of people on that 2nd Sunday in May offering their mother’s day well wishes and then it comes to me, “Happy Mo-oh-um-ehhhh-I mean—-have a great one!”

I feel the need to fist bump them.  It’s ok friend. Lord knows I have had “foot in mouth syndrome” more times than I care to remember! Just be aware, “Happy Mother’s Day,” isn’t like “Happy New Year.” Not everyone you see that day is celebrating.

The Truth is Mother’s Day can be a challenge for many of us.  I have close friends who have lost their moms this year, others who are not on good terms with their mothers and others, mom themselves, who are estranged from their kids.

BUT, if you’ll remember from this post, one of the best ways to overcome stress in any situation, is to broaden your perspective. Lifting our eyes beyond our circumstances changes everything.

And Mom’s Day is no exception.

I could close my eyes and pretend this day doesn’t exist. And I’ve done that. And it is no solution.

OR I can choose the following alternative…

Because you know what’s awesome? Mother’s Day isn’t only about if you’re a biological mom.  Which biological mama’s, you are some of the hardest working people on the planet and I adore you!

BUT, Mother’s Day could also be a chance to celebrate the nurturing spirit God has planted in the hearts of all His girls.  It’s an opportunity to bless all the “Mom’s” in your life whether they are physical, spiritual, a great friend, a mentor, or perhaps a woman you know from a distance who could use an act of thoughtfulness.

Our lives aren’t small, so let’s not make this day only about us. Let’s bless and celebrate as many people as we can. And guess what? We’ve got the PERFECT way for you to do just that!

NOW, you could head to Mall and pick up the obligatory perfume box set.


you could purchase an amazing gift that will change lives all over the world! Literally.

Today, we’re bringing you 5 incredible shops with gifts at every price point to bless the ladies in your life and beyond!

I CAN’T WAIT to share with you these incredible companies and the lives your purchase will touch.


Better Life Bags

How to change a life this Mother's Day

If the idea of Custom Bags and Accessories that change the lives of local families gets you excited, these are your people.  AND, if you’re a fellow Michigander, this company is in your backyard! Better Life Bags hire intentionally from the under-resourced neighborhoods of Hamtramck and Detroit to give women a chance to learn a new skill, make an income for their families, as well as be adopted into a community.

Bless multiple moms this mothers day

They have a slew of Bag Styles, Accessories and fair trade toys to choose from OR you can custom design your own handmade bag! How cool is that? And as an added bonus, each bag comes with a card bearing the name of the woman who handmade it for you and whom your purchase is directly impacting. Your mother’s day gift is about to change 2 lives this year.

As a bonus, use the code NOSMALLLIFE for 10% off from now until May 2nd.


Dear Mushka

Shop Here for Mother's Day & Change a Life

Dear Mushka is a family owned brand which seeks to create quality + affordable jewelry, art prints, apparel, and scripture packs … all on a mission!  You HAVE to read the story here about how Dear Mushka has evolved from a blog to honor and capture the memories of her mother to a small jewelry company originally started to fund this families adoption. Now, this company blesses families all over the world! I ordered several Christmas gifts from them this year!

 Shop Here for Mother's Day & Change a Life

Every piece is crafted with a specific verse in mind and comes paired with a corresponding verse card meant to keep by your bathroom mirror & store in your heart. Each piece is designed to “tell the story with beauty” and can act as a gospel conversation starter to share God’s truths with those you interact with daily.  It’s a beautiful, artful way to comfort hearts & share truth in a way that feels authentic, doable, beautiful and not one bit cheesy! Because you all know I have a SERIOUS “lactose aversion” when it comes to cheesy Christian Culture. All jewelry comes packaged in an individual box, beautifully branded and ready for gift giving! You don’t even have to buy a bow. You’re saving money already. Want to save more?

Use the code nosmalllife for 10% off all orders until May 13th.





 Shop Here for Mother's Day & Change a Life

ABLE is a lifestyle brand focused on ending generational poverty by working with women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances. We manufacture directly in the communities we wish to impact, both locally and globally, creating jobs and ending the cycle of charity dependency.

Through your purchase, you are ABLE to empower women and give them a job with dignity. ABLE is currently employing and empowering women in 4 locations.

 Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

What started as a a single collection of hand-woven scarves, is now a full offering that includes leather goods, handmade jewelry, denim, and footwear. And guys, their stuff is GORGEOUS.  Classic yet very on trend. True story: Every time I get an email. I drool. It’s not flattered, but you need to know.

 Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

Check out those shoes. Good news: they also come in blue.

Insider Tip: They only run 2 sales a year and you are right on time! The sale begins on April 26 and runs through April 29 – it’s 15% off plus free shipping site wide (some restrictions may apply). ALSO, they guarantee shipping if you order by May 8th at midnight.



Mission 25

 Shop Here for Mother's Day & Change a Life

This one is near and dear to our hearts because Mission 25 was started by some dear friends of ours.  We’ve literally gotten to see it from conception to full fledged nation changing organization!

Their vision is simple and their impact is great:

Mission 25 exists to bring education, community development, discipleship, clean water and human trafficking prevention to the 25 provinces of Cambodia. They accomplish this through partnership with the local church in both the United States and Cambodia.

And if you’re wanting something both special and affordable this Mother’s Day, this is the shop for you.  I’m especially fond of their “Thankful, Grateful, Blessed” mugs.

Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

All the products in their store are made in Cambodia and the proceeds go towards Teacher salaries & Community Development programs.


And if mom truly doesn’t need one more thing this Mother’s Day, you could consider making a donation in her name to a fresh water well or help fund a Cambodian teacher’s salary for the year.

Use the code CAMBO15 for a 15% off discount!


Furnace Hills Coffee

 Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

You know what your mom REALLY wants this Mother’s Day? COFFEE #causemommingainteasy.This company is a new one to me, but I could not be more excited to share it with you!  Furnace Hills Coffee has a commitment to hire people that are developmentally disabled. Their chief roaster, Erin, has inspired the company’s slogan: “Special Coffee by Special People.” Erin has Downs Syndrome.

Furnace Hills sources only Fair Trade Coffee from all across the globe and roasts it daily.  They have a HUGE assortment of light, medium and dark roasts including their Buddy Walk Blend where $5 of your purchase goes towards Downs Syndrome research.

Personally, I’m eyeing the Aguas de Marco & Honduran Blends.  Love me some dark roast. And if you’re interested in the gift that keeps on giving, check out their coffee clubs for as low as $13/month.

And know what’s better than really good coffee? A coupon code for really good coffee! Use the code MOTHERS at checkout for 20% off.

 Shop Here for Mother's Day and Change a Life

Just think, by shopping one of these companies for Mother’s Day, you have a chance to change the lives of refugees, adoptive mamas, people with Special Needs, individuals living in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Nashville, Peru and Mexico. You THINK you’re simply buying a gift, but you’re simultaneously spreading the gospel, building schools and changing lives.

Your life is NOT small. It makes my heart swell to think how much your No Small Life could impact their No Small Lives.

Wherever you’re at today, and however you choose to celebrate the women in your life this Mother’s Day, consider a gift that will make an impact far beyond its receiver. Your Mother’s Day gift could change the world.

Until Next Time,


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Shop Here for Mother's Day & Change a Life

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  1. Mother’s Day is mixed for me. My Mom has been in heaven for 15 years, but my girls love to celebrate. I actually just ordered myself a fair trade bracelet for Mother’s Day. Shh don’t tell my 9 year old that I bought it myself 😉

    • Your secret’s safe with me Sarah 😉 Sounds like a day with mixed emotions to be sure. It’s always a weird dichotomy when you find your heart in 2 places isn’t it? I’ll be thinking of & praying for you this mother’s day <3

  2. This is def. a fresh and new way to look at Mother’s Day. I think the day IS hard for a lot of people. I think ignoring it is almost impossible and probably not healthy, but seeing it as a day to celebrate all women like you’ve said here is a better way to go!! Thanks for sharing all of these shops, I haven’t heard of any of them!


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