No Small Life

No matter what you’ve walked through, your life is not small. We’re here to equip you spiritually, relationally, and practically to rise above whatever’s caused you to feel that way. Your story isn’t over. You can overcome what has come against you and go on to live a full, well-rounded & meaningful life which brings God glory…THAT’S a life worth celebrating.


After listening to Megan share her story at a women’s conference, a young lady in her early 20’s, was inspired to alter a life-changing decision. She was pregnant, unmarried and had scheduled an abortion. After hearing Megan deliver a powerful message of hope, restoration, and trust she decided to keep her baby. She realized that her life and the life of her unborn child was not small.

> Young Woman, age 21

While reading one of the NSL blog posts, a woman in her fifties was stirred by a dream that God had placed in her heart years earlier to write books and start a ministry.  She was so inspired she spent the next few hours passionately writing down the things God had placed in heart years ago.  She realized it’s never too late to fulfill those “God-sized” dreams.

Anonymous Reader