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12 Of The Best Date Night Questions You Never Thought To Ask

12 of the Best Date Night Questions you never thought to ask

I’ve been dating the same man for 22 years. You’d think we’d know all there is to know about each other by now.  But the crazy thing is, we don’t.

I mean, we know A LOT.

I know that Chris Rea is extremely precise with his “proper mustard distribution” on sandwiches. And he knows that Megan Rea needs to see something beautiful when she’s sad and rarely leaves the house on time, ever, back off man without at least 2 beverages in tow.

But knowing ALL there is to know about each other? I’m gonna say no.

Recently, I heard a story of a man who bought his wife a case of Diet Coke every Friday on his way home from work. Sweet right? One problem: she gave up Diet Coke 7 years ago! For the last 364 Fridays, she has avoided shattering his sugar-free, caffeinated bubble by pawning off cases of Diet Coke to any willing takers.

All that pop panhandling could’ve been avoided with one simple conversation.

See, we married humans and there’s nothing static about that. We are ever-evolving, ever-growing and ever-learning beings. That’s precisely how God designed us, both individually and in marriage. It’s His provision for the continual pursuit and re-discovering of each other.


God’s way more romantic than you give Him credit for.

But sometimes we just need that extra help to dig back into each other’s world.


If you’re like us, conversations came easily when you were first dating.  All the dopamine causes even the method with which your significant other brushes their teeth to appear “fascinating.”

However, brush your teeth alongside them for a few years, clean up their toothpaste (which mysterious never makes it way down the drain) and things become slightly less magical.

Now, conversations that were once birthed in so much curiosity about one another, can dwindle down into handling the daily business of life.

BUT, there’s a way to re-ignite that conversational spark. And as we all know, necessity is often the mother of great invention.


One Friday night we were set to have a Date Night, but money was pretty tight.

Chris suggested dinner at home and he would take it from there.  Little did we know that our tiny budget would give way to greater creativity and one of the most memorable date-nights ever.

It was so memorable in fact, we want to help you re-create it.  And no worries, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. So, if you’d like to create a memorable date night of your own for FREE or if you’re going crazy, the price of an Erma’s Frozen Custard, all you need to do is click below.

We’ve created a FREE PRINTABLE for you with 12 Questions that will help you connect with your spouse on a deeper level on date night.

We’ve created a #FREEPRINTABLE for you with 12 Questions that will help you connect with your spouse on a deeper level on date night. Click To Tweet


How can 12 little Questions such as: “What do you remember about the first time we met?” & “If they were making a movie of your life, what are 3 songs you would want on the soundtrack?” (this one is TELLING!) improve your date night?…

Let me tell ya, or actually, let Prepare & Enrich tell you.

 When experiencing something new, the brain releases two different chemicals, dopamine and norepinephrine.  Both of these chemicals are the same chemicals that are released during the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship, when dates are new and exhilarating.

These questions can also…

  •  Increase the emotional intimacy in your marriage i.e. the gateway to increased physical intimacy. More help with that here.
  •  You’ll be reconnecting over recollecting. Reminiscing together increases the overall satisfaction in your relationship. It’s science. See above.
  •  You’ll be celebrating forgotten successes
  •  You’ll become a better listener. More help on that here.

12 of the BEST Date Night Questions you never thought to ask


Just click, print, and it’s all yours.

YOU are going to ROCK date night this week.

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Until Next Time,


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P.S.S. Need a litttttlleee more help in the Relationship Department? We made this for you:


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12 of the BEST Date Night Questions you never thought to ask

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  1. My husband and I have two kidless nights coming up so I couldn’t wait to click on your post when I saw it in Holley’s link up. Thanks!

    • Oh, I’m so excited for you Laura! I hope it sparks some GREAT conversation for you two! 🙂

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