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We are Chris & Megan Rea and we are mentors, speakers, relationship coaches and writers. Our mission (why No Small Life exists) is to see people live full, well-rounded, and meaningful lives by equipping them to create a vibrant spiritual life, engage in thriving relationships, and excel in practical living. Here is what we have found to be true in our own Christian journey.


At some point your life will not go as you expect and you will experience pain in a crucial area of your life. This pain can leave you feeling small, insignificant, and abandoned.

Pain from unforeseen circumstances can leave you bitter and victimized if you let it. Some people never recover from it.

Our ministry has a 5 step process that helps you find hope and healing from the past while encouraging you to move forward towards a bright future. The bible says that Hope deferred makes the heart sick but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life. Without hope we get depressed, sad, anxious, fearful, and stuck! We believe that no matter what your situation or circumstances have been God has a plan for a bright future for you. Your Life is NOT small.



Our Five Step Process



Painful circumstances can cause you to feel stuck, small, or hopeless. Our goal is to help you heal, move forward, and design a new blueprint for your life.


CREATE a Vibrant Spiritual Life

The main goal of NSL is to help people experience the freedom that comes from following Jesus Christ and enter into a growing and vibrant relationship with Him.


ENGAGE in Thriving Relationships

By applying some key principles to your relationship you can have a healthy and romantic love that lasts a lifetime.


EXCEL in Practical Living

Excel in your day-to-day skills in areas such as finances, personal style, health, career, ministry, and accessible “Do It Yourself” projects around your home.


ADD Value to the Lives of People

True fulfillment is found by identifying and using your unique gifts to add value to the lives of others.







We use all 5 of these tools to teach people how to rediscover hope, create a vibrant spiritual life, engage in thriving relationships, excel in practical living, and add value to the lives of others.


You can expect a blog post one or two times per week. A lot of the time, prayer and research goes into creating an engaging blog that ministers to people. Some of the most popular posts include:

  •  6 Things We All Do That Damage Our Relationships
  •  4 Keys to Growing Spiritually and Feeling Connected to God
  •  Stress: 4 Solutions That Will Help You Deal
  •  How to Move Forward When You Are in Pain


Chris & Megan speak individually and as a team at churches and conferences as well as host their own live events. In addition, they have multiple free audio messages you can download.


Writing books and developing audio/video courses that inspire people to live fill and meaningful lives are goals of No Small Life. Some resources that are already available include:

 • Pursuit of Love – How Christian singles can have a healthy love that lasts a lifetime.
•  Unstuck – How to create a compelling vision for your life and actually make it happen.
•  Learning to Dance on the Water – Our journey through pain, healing, and restoration.


Chris & Megan love to personally walk step-by-step with someone through coaching and mentoring. They are certified relationship coaches and are equipped to do “couples mentoring” as well.

As the Spirit leads, No Small Life will coordinate special projects to help hurting people find hope in Christ. We’ll seek to meet their practical needs and empower them to live a full life worth living. Read more about it here. You can donate to the cause directly here.



Live a full, well rounded, meaningful life that BRINGS GOD GLORY

Stories have been pouring in of people who have gone through some touch circumstances in life. For example, a tragic loss, infertility, a bad health report, a heart wrenching divorce, and the list goes on and on. God is using the ministry of No Small Life to help people rediscover hope while developing new and exciting plans for their lives.


After listening to Megan share her story at a women’s conference, a young lady in her early 20’s, was inspired to alter a life-changing decision. She was pregnant, unmarried and had scheduled an abortion. After hearing Megan deliver a powerful message of hope, restoration, and trust she decided to keep her baby. She realized that her life and the life of her unborn child was not small.




While reading one of the NSL blog posts, a woman in her fifties was stirred by a dream that God had placed in her heart years earlier to write books and start a ministry.  She was so inspired she spent the next few hours passionately writing down the things God had placed in heart years ago.  She realized it’s never too late to fulfill those “God-sized” dreams.





This can be a weighty calling because some of the people we minister to have lost their hope completely. We rely on God daily to give us wisdom to reach the hearts of the people He sends our way.


Please prayerfully consider giving a significant one-time donation or partnering with us monthly to sustain this ongoing ministry. To help us meet our $50,000 launch budget goal, donations can be made by mail or securely online. Checks can be made out to No Small Life and mailed to PO Box 80343 511 Olde Towne Rd Rochester, MI 48308. Or you can Click Here.


If you are a pastor or ministry leader, you have our utmost respect and we would love to partner with you. We will create a unique experience that will empower your people to grow spiritually, thrive in their relationships, or excel in practical Christian living. Click Here.


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