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Everyone dreams of finding their “one true love.” Everyone wants a “happily ever after.” But with a 56% divorce rate, how can you ensure that you won’t become a statistic? We want to turn the tide on this culture and show you how to do relationships the right way. There are so many resources for couples once they get married, but this series is specifically designed to give Christian singles healthy dating advice and practical tips.
Whether you are a teenager or in your 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s this series is designed for you. If you have never been in a relationship, been in multiple relationships, or are currently in a dating relationship this series is designed to help you have a healthy and thriving love that lasts a lifetime. We fully believe this series can change the course of your future.

ChrisMeg3Relationship Coaches Chris & Megan Rea

Chris and Megan know the ins and outs of dating relationships. The two of them navigated those waters themselves when they fell in love at the age of 16. Having young hearts for God and eyes set on the prize, they know what it’s like to walk in purity in a culture that tells you it’s nearly impossible.  After graduating from college in 2001, they were married and within days of returning from their honeymoon, launched into a 13-year adventure in youth and young adult ministry! Combining their passion of equipping, first hand experience of working with teens and young adults, and over a decade of research, Chris and Megan have developed “The Pursuit of Love.” Their goal with this series is to use wisdom, humor, honesty, and insight to not only inspire you to be in a healthy relationship, but to practically pave the way to get there.


Session 1: What is Love?  Download Instantly for FREE

In this first session we will define what love is and what love isn't.  You will walk away with a true understanding of what a life-long love could and should look like.  We will show you how love scientifically originates in the brain and changes over time.  Love is a powerful tidal wave that can be fun and exhilarating, but can also lead to heartache and pain.  We will show you how to prepare for the powerful emotions you will experience.

CD2Session 2: Avoiding the Emotional & Physical Danger

When a person falls in love they fall into two major dangers. These two dangers are both emotional and physical. As you become more emotionally connected to someone the physical aspect of your relationship will escalate as well. When you are not married this can be very dangerous. In this session we will show you why people fall into these dangers and how they can be avoided.

CD3Session 3: Avoiding the Spiritual Danger

In this session, Chris will share his story of being young and in love. He will show you how they started the relationship in a healthy way centered on their relationship with God. As time progressed however, Chris became more emotionally connected to Megan and his spiritual walk went on a downward spiral. He will show you where they went wrong so that you can continue to thrive spiritually as a couple.


Session 4: Preparing Yourself to be in a Healthy Relationship

Megan will give you practical ways that you can prepare yourself to be in a healthy relationship. Too often times, we are looking for a perfect person that will fill the hole in our life and be the answer to all of our problems. Instead of waiting for the perfect person, which doesn’t exist, Megan will give you ways to prepare yourself so that you can have a relationship worth celebrating.


Session 5: Starting a Healthy Relationship

Dating is the way we meet people, fall in love, and get married. However, our dating scene is unhealthy to say the least. In this session you will get 10 practical dating tips that will help you start a healthy relationship in the 21st century.

CD6Session 6: Sustaining a Healthy Relationship

As love changes over time, people are tempted to give up on a relationship that could be healthy and thriving because they are either chasing feelings, or because they have unrealistic expectations. In this session we will teach you how to work on your relationship so you can have a love that lasts forever.



What Others Are Saying...

"In 25 years of full time ministry, I have never encountered a series that is so relevant and impactful in the area of love, sex and dating. My own teenagers were so moved by “Pursuit of Love” that they not only adopted the principles as their own but also immediately began to share these powerful messages with their peers. This practical series is a ship pointed true north in a dating culture lost at sea."
"The pursuit of love is not just another good concept, it's a new, innovative way to look at Christian dating. Chris and Megan Rea poured years of wisdom from personal experience and youth ministry to provide all generations with sound advice on pursuing and maintaining a healthy God centered relationship."
"Pursuit of Love is not only a valuable tool for any young person in a relationship or considering one, but it is an essential tool. With insight and love from Chris and Megan's heart, their desire to see relationships flourish in a culture full of couples in turmoil is evident, effective, and powerful. Anyone investing into Pursuit of Love will bear fruit and be able to have life poured into their relationships. "
"I have seen first hand just how impactful the Pursuit of Love material can be in the life of Christian Singles. As a Youth Pastor, I value finding incredible material that’s not only biblically sound and relevant, but that is also completely packaged and ready to go for me!  I took my students to the Pursuit of Love Dating Conference and they told me that the truths they learned were not only valuable, but also easily applied to their lives. The material presented in Pursuit of Love would be an incredible resource to implement into large and small groups for any Christian Singles. I am extremely thankful to be able to bring this powerful tool into my youth ministry and love seeing the teens pursuing relationships in a healthy way."

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