No Small Life

Hi there and welcome to No Small Life!

We’re passionate about helping you rise above the circumstances that keep your life small and equipping you to live a life fueled by hope and purpose, a life worth celebrating!  And we’re passionate about that because…

We know what it’s like to feel stuck.

That’s the exact place where No Small Life came from.  In 2006 we were met with a set of circumstances in our life that threatened to cripple us.  In a matter of months, we went from actively living and loving our lives to just going through the motions of  everyday life and quite honestly, barely making it.  

But gosh that’s heavy, so FIRST, let’s back up!

We’re Chris and Megan Rea.

Chris & Megan Rea-NoSmallLife



We’re SO glad you’re here!

The two of us? We’re ALL about helping you thrive and live that precious life God gave you to the fullest!

We are high school sweethearts who are still pretty crazy in love.  We’ve been married for 17 years and doing ministry together for literally, just a week shy of that. We’ve worked with teens & Christian singles ever since we were barely out of our teens… and have loved every minute.  We love God and we have a deep desire to see people thriving in the life He designed them to live.  


We’re pretty passionate folk whom you’ll often find drinking good coffee, drooling over model homes BUT, probably, never camping. 😉

Megan is “one of those artsy types,” and serves as the Creative Communicator at our church.  In her off hours she’s a wannabe stylist, writer, designer, health food/food allergy expert (by default…having food allergies will do that to you 🙂 and avid fitness kind of girl.

Chris is a true guys guy who believes in the magical recharging power of a football game with a side of chicken wings.  He’s a pastor, teacher, mentor, soon-to-be author and sports fanatic!  He loves to play golf, watch football, and spend time with people.


We now continue our regularly scheduled programming:

In 2006 we decided to expand our rockin’ little family from the 3 of us. Chris, Meg and … Gunther the Wonder Dog.


What we assumed would be a simple journey, led us down a path we never could’ve expected.  The next 3-½ years are affectionately referred to in our house as “The Dark Ages.”  Long story very short: 9 Dr.’s, specialists, chiropractors, 2 alternative Dr.’s, a diagnosis of 3 food allergies, and a partridge and a pear tree later…we have happily embraced our family of 3.  We’ve decided to leave the expanding of our family completely in God’s sovereign hands.  He is so faithful and taught and transformed us in that season in ways that we never would’ve imagined.  We’ve learned the invaluable lesson that difficult circumstances can either leave you bitter or better.  If you choose to press into God and continuously trust Him with your future, He’ll change your heart and your desires.  He’ll fulfill you in ways you never could’ve imagined because well,

He made you.

He knows you.

He’s got plans for you.

            He’s good like that.

That season of life showed us that we ALL come into this world with dreams, desires, aspirations – some large, some little.  Over the course of time however, tragedy, discouragement, insecurity or even just the drone of the everyday, can ebb away at those dreams making your life feel small and insignificant.  And those feelings, that lose of hope, affects EVERYTHING! Before you know it, instead of really living you can begin to settle into, “Just. Exist.” (Trust us, we lived in that place for a while.)

However, here’s what you have GOT to know about living in crippling circumstances:

When you see someone else take a step to rise above their circumstances and start living their lives to the full again, it breathes hope and bravery into your own soul to do the same thing.

When your life feels small, it affects everything! But when you take action to overcome and live your life in a way that’s worth celebrating, well THAT affects everything too.

It’s a Domino effect..

So today, we’re coming to you live from the corner of the cutest coffee shop, totally content and with a completely fresh take on life.  Yes, there are days when our humanity still pokes it ugly head through, but those days don’t define us anymore.  And because God has healed and restored our hope in ways we didn’t even think were possible, we’re now incredibly passionate about injecting hope into your everyday life.

When life gets dark, for whatever reason, we stop celebrating the little things and enjoying the beauty of the life we HAVE been blessed with.

And I don’t know about you, but we don’t want to leave one moment of this life “un-lived.” Our lives look a lot different than we envisioned, but you know what, we wouldn’t trade it for anything and that’s our hope and prayer for all of you!  So keep reading and let’s do this whole “Life” thing together.