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Focus On Your Strengths


Recently, I have started playing ping pong again.  Growing up, My Dad, my brother and I used to play ping pong all of the time!  We would have tournaments at night before we went to bed.  All three of us are pretty competitive people and none of us like to lose.  Over time, we would constantly try to get better and exploit each others weaknesses.  My weakness was and is my backhand shot.


I would spend hours trying to work on my backhand.  I would spend so much time working on overcoming my weakness.  Overtime, my backhand got a little better but has never become great.

I remember one day my Dad said to me, “Stop working so hard on your weakness and start focusing on your strengths.”  Huh, it never even occurred to me to do that.  My strength is my serve and forehand spike.  I started to work on my serve and my forehand.  What I found was this:  if I could serve it really well people would be forced to hit the ball to my forehand.  My serve would tee up my forehand spike!  As I worked on my strengths I began to become a better ping pong player.

Why is it so easy to focus on our weaknesses and ignore our strengths?  It could be because people tend to always point out our weaknesses and ignore our strengths.  They tend to see that one bad grade on your report card, or that one day you got to work late, or the one time you lost your temper, or that one accident or speeding ticket on your record.

What if we decided that instead of spending all of our time trying to improve our weaknesses, we asked God to help us in the areas we were weak and we poured our effort into our strengths.

The apostle Paul put it this way in 2 Corinthians 12:9,  But God said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.

Did he really say that he would boast gladly about his weaknesses?  That sounds like a crazy idea!  What if it were true?  What if we could give our weaknesses to God and rely on His power?  What if we focused our effort on our strengths?

Everyone has strengths and everyone has weaknesses.

My good friend Les Morrison recently said, “if you look for the bad in people you will find it every time.”

What if we started focusing on our strengths and the strengths of others around us?

Let me tell you what would happen.  Our self-confidence would grow!  Our self-esteem would grow!  Our self-image would be positive! You would be able to say “so long insecurity” and “Hey there self confidence”!

Here is the challenge:

Make a list of five of your strengths right now.  List one way you can work on each one of those strengths going forward.

Remember, your life is NOT small.  You have so much to offer when you focus on your strengths!

Chris Rea

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Life Hack: 1 Simple Trick to Get Dressed Faster and Look Awesome!

Easy fix to get ready and out the door faster!

10 Months ago the Mr. and I started sharing a car.  It’s actually a very cool “God-story” the details of which I will share eventually. However today, that’s not the point.  Today’s post is a little trick I’ve had to pick up BECAUSE we share a car. It’s called, “Megan-you actually have to leave the house on time.”


I’ve confessed it before in this post, but running perpetually late is my Achilles heal.  I am chronically 12 min behind on life.  And it’s not because I don’t get up on time.  I actually get up ridiculously early.  It’s because I’m a bad estimator.


Remember I have “Acute Time Delusion Syndrome.”  The perpetual belief that I can accomplish more than any human being should be asked to accomplish in a set amount of time. And I’m told I’m not alone in this phenomenon. ;) The struggle is real.


To help me overcome this “syndrome” and still look put together in the morning, I’ve come up with a little “Life Hack” that I can’t wait to share with all of you.


Running behind can easily manifest itself in the ole’ wardrobe department.  Usually 1 of 2 things happen. You:


A. Grab the first thing in your closet and throw caution to the wind  OR

B. Put together a decent outfit but get all hectic and running behind in the process



Either way, you’re not setting yourself up well.  You need to face your day feeling confident and secure not haphazard or stressed.


And in the words of my good (i so wish she was my ) friend, Stacy London:

“Clothes should bring you joy and make you feel beautiful. ”


What you put on your body is an exterior manifestation of what’s going on on the inside of you. How you feel about yourself is going to come out in what you wear, plain and simple.


You know when you’re feeling schlumpy you’re wanting the big grey sweatshirt All. Day. Long.

But here’s the deal, let’s take a little truth from the movie “The Help.”

You is Kind, You is Smart, You is Important-The Help

In addition to the words of Miss Aibileen Clark, The Creator of this whole world thinks you’re pretty beautiful too. And He wants you to honor Him not by fixating on yourself, but by making the proper investment to present the best version of yourself.

This King is Enthralled by your beauty Psalm 45:11


So are you just about ready for this one simple Life Hack to change your life?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Smart Phone

  • Full Length Mirror

  • Your Clothes :D

Here’s what you’re going to do: Before you leave for the day, snap a picture of yourself in said full-length mirror (they are $5 at Target, so no excuses). And if you forget to take one at home…

How to Get Ready Faster in the Morning


From there, you’re going to create a digital “Album” in your “Photos” on your phone. I’m using an iPhone for the demo and the “Photos” is separate from the Camera. I’m sure it’s very similar on an Android.

Next, open your “Photos” app and click the + sign in the upper left hand corner. You’re now adding an album and you should title it whatever makes you happy. Mine is called, “Closet Inspiration.”

Life Hack: How to Get Dressed Faster and Look Awesome!



After you’ve created the Album, click into it and hit “Select” at the top right hand corner. On the bottom of the screen you should now see “Add too,” click that and it will open your “Camera Roll” giving you access to every pic you’ve taken. Now, just scroll through and touch the pictures you’ve taken of yourself before you leave for the day, hit “done” and there you have it. It’ll look something like this:



Life Hack: How to Get Dressed Faster & Look Awesome!

(Note: refuse to take yourself too seriously in these pics, it’ll inject a little joy into your morning routine. Never a bad thing :) )

I can’t even tell you how much time and headache this idea has saved me. When you’re plagued by the ever-lurking-question, “What am I going to wear????” You simply open your phone and scroll through your closet album until you find the best option for the day. Bonus points if you decide on your outfit and lay it out, accessories, everything, the night before! This prevents the dreaded 5 min wasted on “Closet Hunting!”

Life Hack: Get Dressed, Get out the door, look awesome!

This will also save you SO much money as well because you can easily remember what you love from season to season which lessens your “need” to go shopping because you have “nothing” to wear. :)


It’s also a huge help in packing, one of my least favorite things to do in the world. Scrolling through your favorite outfits can help you edit pretty quickly what needs to go in your suitcase.


I really hope this little tip helps you in a big way! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks to helping your “NoSmallLife” get ready and out the door in the morning!

Until next time…



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